Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Years Eve and Day

This New Years was really simple but fun as well.  We did just about as much as you can do responsibly with a 2 month old.  Ely and I had a little dance party by the tree, she loves music and movement. We had a nice dinner and watched  a movie while we sipped our sparkling cider and nibbled on crackers and cheese.  We went to bed at 11, parenthood can do that to you.   We woke up briefly at midnight but only because we could hear all the fireworks going off around us.  The following day was really relaxing. We just lounged around.  I can't believe my little one is 2 months old already!  She is getting so big.  She smiles all the time now, and she is so close to laughing.  While she was sleeping the other day she did this silent chuckle and at the end one little "Ha" came out. She is letting me get a little bit more sleep now. She sleeps at night now, and only wakes up to be fed, and she is going longer in between her feedings.  She has sort of at a plateau right now with her growth, or at least it seems like it, one day all of a sudden it was like bam, no longer a new born and she seemed huge.  I was so sad, it seemed like her little face was constantly changing and she was growing out of all her clothes so fast, but now I don't feel like I'm going to miss something.    At first I thought she looked like Sean and was going to be a mini Sean, but people have been telling us she is starting to look like me now, it is so crazy how much she changes!   

New Years Eve

So Serious

 Happy New Year!

Lucky girl has her daddy's eyelashes

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