Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween 2017

When Koa was a few days old,  I finally felt good enough to walk around the house by myself and able to take care of him.  I felt bad for Sean and Ely that they had been couped up for so long.  I told Sean to take Ely to Wonderwoman.  She talked about it for a while and we didn't think anything of it.   A few weeks later, it was Wonder Woman's last showing in Okinawa and I really really wanted to see it.  So we took both kids, something I said I would never do.  It ended up being completely fine.  After that Ely would play pretend and reenact the scene where Wonder Woman as a little girl was running away from her tutor.  She found an 18-month-old bikini bottom with red stars and stripes on it and would wear that and a red shirt around the house saying she was Wonder Woman.  For Halloween, we showed her a picture of all the Disney Princess Costumes and asked which costume she wanted.  For a second she pointed to Belle, and then said, "No, I want to be Wonder Woman".  It ended up being a fun choice for our family dress up.  Koa has a cowlick that some people said have reminded them of Clarke Kent.  Cat Woman was pretty easy to whip together and Batman is pretty popular this year so it wasn't hard to find something for Sean.  

Ely Turns 3!

I wake up to Ely ripping through presents we left out the night before...... I get up and grab Koa, come into the living room to wish her a happy birthday, and there she was utilizing her newest present.  Painting her nails on the couch.  We moved the festivities to the porch.  "No. I do it."  Yellow and blue it was.  Nana and Papa, she was over the moon to have her own polish.  

 Opening presents with no clothes on means it's easier to put the new clothes you receive on quickly.   Her favorite color purple, mixed with her most favorite mythical creature ever.   She wore this shirt 2 days in a row.   

Star Wars wrapping paper for the win Grandma, Joy, and Brookie. 

Halloween Party with her Pre -School Group happened on her birthday.  She had so much fun with them!

Opening her presents from Aunt Brookie and Grandma Lily

Brookie, Grandma, and Joy she loved the new pj's.  

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jr. and Ferny's Visit

While we were in Omaha we made friends that became like family.  Jr and Sean are BFFs, so we were so happy to have him and his brother come out to visit.  The weather was so perfect on our visit to Maeda.  Such a fun memory.

I can't get over my kid's legs... Koa's are sooo chubby, and Ely's are getting soooo long!