Thursday, June 28, 2018

Koa's First Haircut

This was such a fun little milestone have happened in Japan.  When I was a little girl, my grandpa went to the same barber and was quite particular about who he went to.  My grandpa hardly left the house but when he did it was to get a haircut.  It was important to me that Koa go to a barber and not just the salon at our BX.  This place was close to our house and had a little corner meant for little boys.  They had all sorts of toys in their waiting area, a little dog, treats, a TV in front of their cutting stand, and a slushy machine!  All for 1,000 Yen (equivalent to about $10).  Koa did well for the first few seconds because they had a toy Ferrari for him to sit in.  At first, he was quite taken with that. Once they brought out the clippers he became frightened.  For being so squirmy they did a good job. This man in the plaid shirt in the picture was so sweet and genuine. He gave Koa treats during his hair cut and gave us all a slushy that tasted like orange cream soda once Koa was all done. The barber was called "Boys" and catered to all things little boy.  I think we found Koa's barber for the rest of our stay in Japan. 

 I love this picture. It is so bittersweet.  They cut away the ducktails in the back, per my request.  It's getting too hot out here to have long hair.  He is one now and old enough to have his hair cut, which makes my heart hurt a little.  

His confused face now that it's all over.

 I tried to get a picture of the Ferrari but he wasn't having any of it. 

So much more blonde now and aged from baby to boy! 

American Village

I was on my way to the barber to get Koa a haircut and then decided after we parked and I saw Ely asleep in the back, that I wanted pictures of his long baby hair before we cut it all off.  It gave Ely a much needed solid nap and she had been begging to go to the Ferris Wheel all week. I love that so many of these photos of him show off his "duck tails" in the back.   I'm going to miss these gorgeous baby locks. It also gave Ely a solid nap on the way to the Ferris Wheel.  

 Right out of the entrance of the Ferris Wheel is an arcade.  Ely and Koa love it there. 

This lady stopped to tell Koa "Kawaii" 

 Ely getting her picture taken, by Mommy and this lady right here.