Sunday, August 6, 2017

Koa's Blessing Day

We challenged our Sunday school class today to go home and write in their journals, to see God's hand working in your life each day.  As I post these photos several weeks later, I can't help but notice the Lord's hand in my life.  I've had 2, beautiful babies that have given me very little trouble in their infancy.  I have a husband who is beyond supportive and a wonderful father.  Out of all the dreams I have had for my life, this little family is my dream come true.  To have my husband be able to bless our son and daughter was something I looked forward to as a little girl just as much as a temple marriage.  This day was a special one, a dream come true on so many levels.  I love these little souls that I am able to call mine.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Lifestyle Session

When we had Ely, we put down a hefty deposit on a photographer before she was born, shortly after we had someone offer to do a lifestyle session for us free of charge.... and I  ended up loving those pictures way more!  Guess what... that same thing happened again with Koa, and yes, even though I think his studio photos are beautiful I love these ones so much more.  Maybe it is because they were taken by a dear friend, or because they were in our home, or because we didn't feel rushed or hurried.  These essentially captured memories.  I know I am late in posting these, he was only 3 weeks old when these were taken and now he is almost 2 months!  

Photo credit: Anna Dixon

One of my favorite photographs of all time.  

I love this little series!  

No artificial posing here, this is as real as it gets... unfortunately for Convese.

My sweet, old fellow... going on ten years. He still goes out on adventures, he just recuperates much much longer now. 

Everyone was fighting for dad's attention here. 

This girl just radiates joy. 

So tired and so happy. 

The month before I became pregnant, I dreamed of a little boy, wrapped in this green blanket, with me holding him this way.   

She asks to hold him all the time.  I need to be better about letting her do this.

 Sean was back there the whole time, hand on baby and guitar. 

My friend Anna did such a beautiful job!  We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Koa's 2 week photos

I think I'm a little bit more extra with the photos than I was with Ely.... that being said I know how fleeting every moment is with these tiny little ones because I've been through it already... so yeah, I may have had 3 separate photo shoots to commemorate my little guy's arrival... plus I took a million pictures at home with our own personal camera.... and I'm so glad.  

Photo credit: Mindy Arnholt Photography

We used this green blanket with Ely when she was tiny.

The people that have made my dreams come true.  

One of my small yet mighty!

Father's Day

I adore this man.  We both look at each other sometimes and we are like, we share child-ren, plural!  He does so much, so much more than what society deems as the father's role.  I remember our first night at home with Koa, and when both kid's started screaming.  I got up and Sean told me to go back to bed so I could get better.  It went like this for almost 2 weeks.  He was like a single parent during that time on top of taking care of me.  These pictures are so precious to me, my babies with their amazing father on father's day.