Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Day 2018

Here are some photos from our Valentines mini session.  I know a lot of people don't like Valentine's day but I really enjoy it.  I think it's fun, and not as stressful as some of the other holidays  Sean gave me some beautiful Oki crafted blue earrings, I was so excited about it, anything Okinawa I love and have been spotting this type of jewelry for a while.  My FootLoose family all spoiled me with lots of sweets and chocolate. Ely got all dolled up today for her Preschool class, they had a party today and she had a blast.  We made her Valentines on Monday and had a family home evening on love and it has been such a game changer for us.  When she is doing something wrong, we explain that is not how we show love and usually she stops.  I'm dumbfounded sometimes, that is all we had to do, we have had some troubles and this is all it took, giving her reminders about how and how not to show love.  It strengthens my testimony of the importance of family home evening and the lessons we give our children there.  I'm not very good at giving the day to day lessons so setting aside a time to discuss any topic has been really beneficial and helpful to our family.  It's helped me mother better this past week, and I think it has made her a little bit more appreciative.  I will remind her why I'm doing certain things for her like taking her to gymnastics or park day and I say " I'm doing this because I love you".  I'm super late at posting this Okinawa time, our Valentines day is almost over.  My super talented friend Jamie from Jamie Pearson photography took these.  I love how they turned out.  

Sean's words " This is the most adorable photo of Ely I have ever seen"

My girl is growing up!

My big guy.  He was happy for a few seconds and burst into tears.

How I had to get Koa to stop crying. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cosmo Fields 2018

The one day we had nice weather last week we decided to go up to the cosmo fields in Kin.  It was a little disappointing to see that they were closed off, I've heard that after a certain point they do close them off, or if people are disrespectful and walk through the fields instead of using the paths they will close them off.  We still were able to walk around the outskirts and we sat and looked at them for a while so I could nurse Koa.  It was still a beautiful day and outing and we were able to get a handful of cute pictures of the kiddos.  Afterwards, we stopped at one of the beaches and made sandcastles and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Shortly after we returned home the skies went cloudy and dark again.  I remember this time last year, we were going through rounds of being sick and Ely had pneumonia.  When people ask me how we are doing, I'm just grateful we were all healthy enough to go out and enjoy the day.   Last year every time we tried, someone was sick.  I'm grateful to have two healthy, happy children. 

When he smiles, it's with his whole face and not just his mouth.

I just love her hair, it reminds me of my Sister Brookie's hair when she was a little girl.

I just love that what she asked for for Christmas was a purple necklace.  It wasn't a toy or something commercial from the store.  It was actually really hard to find so Santa had to have a special helper, who hates crafts, make it for her.  

 Something from dreams.

It's so hard to get a picture of the two of them together when they aren't fighting.  

My happy guy!   When God told us that we needed to have him, I can now hear on the tail end of that prompting "he will be the happiest baby, and hardly any work at all".  Both of my children were the best choice I have ever made. 

Do you see that tooth popping up?  He is just a few days shy of 8 months in this photo!

My word, I love this photo of her.  Barefoot, wind blowing through them curly locks, and wearing her favorite color.  The last time we came here, she was just a tiny little thing.   Here is the link to that blog post,  . 

My second attempt at getting a picture of the two of them.  Koa isn't about that sitting still life.  

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Koa's Nursery

Moving off of Camp Shields has been one of the best decisions for our family I think we have ever made.  We gained an extra room.  We wouldn't have moved had we not been expecting.  I know a lot of people manage just fine having two kids share a room or room sharing with your baby.  I think I'm the type of person that needs babies and toddlers to have their own space, and I have mine.  I'm exceedingly grateful we were able to make this work and get this space.  Here's Koas room, the whole reason for our move almost a year ago from on base to off base.  

Our good friend Junior is an artist and gave us the paintings above Koa's crib.  One is Captain America and the other is Cyclops from X-men. Sean really enjoys superhero films and comics.  He felt like these two heros emulated positive traits and qualities.  

I love this glider and have so many wonderful memories of holding my babies there. 

We made it a goal to have each one of our children have a large picture of Christ in their nursery as babies.  Sean selected this one and I picked the one for Ely's nursery.  I think Sean selected such a beautiful painting and hope Koa comes to love it as he grows throughout his life and develops his own testimony of the Savior.  

 Our son had his own guitar before he was born.  There are a few reasons why it is in his nursery and why a baby has a guitar.   We understand that as he comes to grow older and want to play we will probably have to put it away.  We were between two baby names when I was pregnant.  I want the names of our children to reflect experiences and places we have been. I found Koa for our baby born in the Hawaii of Japan.  Koa is a Hawaiian name as well as a Japanese word, and I have met an Okinawan child whose name was Koa.  In our compromise I was looking for anything and everything to get Sean to love the name as much as me.  I researched and researched and then came across Koa wood.  Apparently, there are a lot of things made out of Koa wood, including guitars.  When I found this information, I knew.  I sent Sean a picture of a guitar on Amazon in a text message, his response- " The day you get me this guitar is the day we will name him Koa"-- We didn't buy that guitar, we bought a better one, at least one Sean selected on his own.  Now it sit's in our baby's room, who we named Koa.  

A Whale Shark for our Oki Baby

 A more accurate representation of our lives..... silly, squirmy children who sometimes love each other and other times merely tolerate one another.