Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aunt Brookie's Visit

We are having such a great week with Aunt Brookie visiting us.  My sister is one of my best friends, it has been so much fun having her here.  I returned to work at the beginning of this month, Sean took paternity leave for ten days and had Ely while I went to work.   Brookie has been here watching her now that we both are working.  It has  made the transition less brutal, it's times like this I wish we had family closer, so I could have a babysitter that was a family member.  I love my job and have always planned on having a career, but I never thought the transition would pull on my heart strings so much!  In between Sean's paternity leave  and my sisters arrival, I had two days where I had to hire a sitter and I have never been more eager to get to my destination after work. I was filled with so much joy to see my baby! I'm going to be so sad when my sister leaves, she has been the best nanny.  She has been so helpful with Ely and helping out around the house.  If we are ever in a situation where we get to pick where we live, I hope we get to live close to her.  

Aunt Brookie getting to hold Ely for the first time

Converse trying to keep a low profile with all the visitors we had the weekend Brookie arrived.

Jam session with Daddy and Uncle Ryan

 Being held by Uncle Ryan, with only one shoe on.  Ely has so many outfits with corresponding shoes, her feet have hardly grown since she was born and never got to wear the shoes with her 0-3 outfits because her feet are so small.  These shoes are suppose to go with the dress she is wearing but are still way to big!  

Ely loves her Grandma Lily

These two goofballs look so much alike!

Kisses for days

On our way to church

I can't believe she is almost three months!  

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