Saturday, June 10, 2017

Koa Jude

Our wonderful friend came to the hospital to take some photos for us.   I am still working on getting our birth story up, I was not healthy following Koa's birth and ended up needing a surgery three days after he was born.  An hour after Ely was born,  I was running around the room taking photographs of her.    It was a discouraging circumstance I was not able to do the same for Koa.  I was of course able to get some from the bed but I missed being able to get a quality photo, to manipulate placement in the room and various settings.  To have a friend come in with an understanding of capturing beautiful photos  was such a gift to us.  These were taken when Koa was 2 days old. 
Photo Credit: Anna Dixon

I can't believe we are a family of 4!


I love his dark hair!  It is already starting to lighten the way his sister's did.  

I love that Sean is wearing a Superman shirt.  These photos were rather impromptu, how appropriate that he wear this shirt.   Thursday night we had started with the late late nights in the ER, and faced many sleepless nights prior to Koa's birth.  Add a newborn in the mix and a wife that can't leave her bed and you have one amazing, sleep deprived husband.  It was not planned he wear this shirt, I love that fate would have it that Sean was left with it being his only clean shirt for photos.

My heart melts a million times when she expresses her love for her brother.  
I'm glad she warmed up to him, she was not too sure of the whole situation at first.  When the nurse took him away for a procedure, she started crying and was really upset because they took him away.  It was the sweetest thing! She was so happy to have him back!

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