Saturday, September 12, 2015

Charumi Aquarium & Maeda Beach

Labor Day weekend was jam packed full of fun activities.  We wanted to take advantage of the fact that it was our last weekend where I won't be working.  Yep, this girl has a job!  My heart is still on the mend from having to leave my last studio, but after a full weekend of teaching today, I think I have found a place that I will come to love.  I hope to write about the studio I teach at in the future, I'm quite impressed with what they have been able to accomplish here.  Here are pictures from our labor day weekend.     

Ocean Expo Park, such an amazing view!  

Babies just saying "Hi" to each other

Touch Tank, I love things that are actually meant for curious children to explore!  

A picture doesn't really capture how big this guy is!  

These lobsters are bigger than my baby!  

I love how interested she is!


Poor Sebastian, Ely loves him

I love the smaller fish that swim under the whale shark's bellies, so cute!

We found teenage Nemo and his friend going through a phase


After our adventures at the aquarium we went to get burgers.  I finally found a burger I like on Okinawa!  Captain Kangaroo's has delicious burgers and a fun, laid back atmosphere.  

At Maeda Beach, where we have gone snorkeling a  few times 

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