Thursday, May 22, 2014

3 year anniversary

Last year we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in Europe, it was unforgettable and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to have such an adventure before we have children.  This year we celebrated on the weekend and spent our morning in a 2 hour long briefing.  Sean has explained to me a number of times that before you are allowed to do even the most mundane of tasks in the military, it is preceded with a briefing.  Well, having a baby is no mundane task, and it is exactly what is next for us!

  Most likely you are reading this well after our formal announcement to our family and friends.  There are a number of reasons we are waiting to announce, but mostly, I really like it just being the three of us for now.  We are strictly telling people on a need to know basis, we hope to keep it to ourselves until Mother's Day and present our mothers with the gift of our news.  Today was the first day I have really had the opportunity to just revel in the excitement of it.  I am currently a little over a month away from graduating with my bachelors in dance and I work full time as a dance instructor.  I go to school all day long, and in the evening I work.  I have little time for reflection, relaxation, or moments to build excitement.  Originally I was annoyed that I had to go to this briefing, before you can see a doctor at the base clinic, you have to go to a 2 hour long briefing explaining pregnancy, insurance, and cost.  It was basically 2 hours of what to expect when you are expecting.  These briefings are only offered on Tuesdays, because my spring break was this week, it had to be this Tuesday, which also happened to be our 3 year wedding anniversary.  It was not my ideal setting for our celebration.   Once it was over, it really started to hit me, it forced me to slow down and realize that this is real!  We went to lunch afterwards and spent our afternoon looking over THE book that was given to us, we were able to be that happy excited couple I always dreamed of becoming.

  Before today, the opportunities for excitement together have been rare and short, but today we were able to cuddle in bed and relax, it has been a beautiful anniversary for us not only celebrating the 3 years we have been married but what is to come in the near future. 

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